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National Coal Board

N C B - Ackers Whitley

Ackers Whitley were the proprietors of the Bickershaw Collieries near Leigh, Lancs. Photo by courtesy of the Colin Driver collection.

N.C.B Ackton Hall

Photo by Simon Patterson

notice how in this example the 'N' in Ackton Hall is reversed. Photo by Frank Lawson.

Photo by Alan Murray-Rust.

Photo by Darren Haywood.

The brickworks was located at South Featherstone, Castleford.  It was a good example of a colliery brickworks.  The Bradford textile magnate Samuel Cunliffe Lister owned the Ackton Hall Estate between 1873 and his death in 1906.  On September 7th 1893 the Ackton Hall colliery was the site of a notorious industrial dispute during which the South Staffs Regiment under a Captain Barker opened fire, and two men were killed.  Thanks to Derek Barker for the information.

N.C.B. Annesley

Annesley Colliery was first sunk in 1865 and it closed in 1999. When it closed it was the oldest working colliery in Nottinghamshire.

Thanks to Martyn Fretwell for the two photos above.

Thanks to Simon Patterson for the two photos above

N C B Ansley Hall, see also Ansley Hall

Found in a field near Blisworth by Nigel Furniss

Photo by Martn Fretwell.

N C B Ashington

Thanks to Simon Patterson for the photo.

Photo by Mark Cranston.

N.C.B. Bearpark

N.C.B. Birch Coppice

see also N C B Hall End and Morris & Shaw

Birch Coppice Colliery and Brickworks east of Tamworth was owned by Morris & Shaw Ltd. The pit was sunk in 1875 and the brickworks first appears between the mid 1880s and 1900. It was expanded after WWII by the
National Coal Board but had been closed by the 1970s. Info and photo by David Kitching.
See also NCB Hall End and Morris & Shaw, Hall End

Photos by Ray Martin

N.C.B. Boldon

Brickworks at Boldon Colliery.

N.C.B. Bonds Main

Bonds Main Colliery Brickworks, Temple Normanton, Chesterfield.  Photo and info by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.  See other entries under Bonds Main.

N.C.B. Brandon

Brandon Colliery brickworks, Brandon, County Durham.

N.C.B. Cramlington

Found in North Shields by Andrew Gardner.

N.C.B. Desford

Thanks to Darren Haywood for the photo.

N.C.B. Gadbury

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

N. C. B. Hall End

N C B Hall End started life as Morris & Shaw Ltd. who operated Birch Coppice Collieries at Polesworth near Tamworth. Locally the main pit was known as Hall End. The brickworks are recorded of being in operation in 1940 & again in 1947 at the time of nationalisation. Photo & Info By Martyn Fretwell

N. C. B. Hamstead

History of colliery here, photo by Ray Martin

N.C.B. Hednesford

A history of the brickworks may be read on this website

Photo by Ray Martin

N. C. B. Hetton

 NCB Hetton, Hetton Lyons Colliery, Hetton le Hole, Co. Durham.  Photo by Arthur Brickman.

N.C.B. Hickleton

View the page on Hickleton brickworks here

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

N.C.B. Hic Bibi

The name Hic Bibi is from the Latin and means 'here drink I'.  It is near Coppull in Lancashire. The brickworks opened in the 1880's on the colliery site. The works continued in operation until 1959 when it was closed under N C B ownership.

Photo by David Kitching.

N.C.B. Hilton Main

Hilton Main Colliery was in Wolverhampton and operated from 1919 to 1969, thanks to Ian C for the photo.

N.C.B. Kirkby

The colliery was at Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

In 1887 land was purchased in Kirkby in Ashfield by the Butterley Company and the Summit Colliery was sunk. It became one of the largest collieries in the country even generating its own electricity. A brickworks was also built next to the colliery.  Also known as Kirkby Colliery it closed in 1969.  Thanks to Colin Butler and Martyn Fretwell.

N.C.B.  L.B.W.

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection and taken in York.  Possibly Lofthouse Brick Works.

N.C.B. Lambton


N C B Lilley

A drift mine near Rowlands Gill in the Derwent Valley, photo by Mark Cranston.

N.C.B. Mickley

Photo and information by David Kitching.

N.C.B. Mitford

Mitford was a trade name for bricks produced at Blaydon brickworks, Co. Durham.  Info by Frank Lawson.

N C B Nook

N C B Nook Colliery, Tyldesley, Lancashire sunk around the 1860s and closed in August 1965.  Photo and info by Alan Davies.

N. C. B. Nunnery

Found near Rotherham by Bob Gellatly.

N C B Pegswood

Pegswood Colliery near Morpeth.

N. C. B. Seaham

Found near Hetton le Hole in Tyne and Wear by Andrew Gardner

N.C.B. Sherwood

Thanks to Martyn Fretwell for the photo

N.C.B. South Leicestershire

This brickworks is shown next to South Leicestershire Colliery on Beveridge Lane, Ellistown on the 1881 OS map. The colliery had been sunk in 1876 & it appears the brickworks may have been established at the same time. A pre-1947 South Leicestershire Colliery brick is shown on the S Page. Photo by Darren Haywood with Info by Martyn Fretwell.

N.C.B. Stephenson

Also see the entry for Stephenson.

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

N.C.B. Upton

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

N C B Wallsend

Dave Ashford found this one on the site of the brickworks at the Rising Sun Colliery near Wallsend. This was owned by Wallsend & Hebburn Coliery Co. Ltd until Nationalisation in 1947.

N.C.B. Watnall

Watnall colliery was in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire and closed in 1950.  Some information on the brickworks here.

Thanks to Martyn Fretwell for the photos.

N.C.B. W.L. - believed to be from N. C. B. Watnall

Thanks to Martyn Fretwell for the photo

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.


Bricks made at Welbeck colliery near Meden Vale, Nottinghamshireafter ntiona;lisation in 1947. Thanks to Simon Patterson for the photos.  Martyn Fretwell writes: Before nationalisation in 1947, Welbeck Colliery and brickworks at Meden Vale near Warsop, was owned by the New Hucknall Colliery Company at Huthwaite Hucknall, Near Mansfield.  Also see entry for Bentinck.

N.C.B. Whitwick

Thanks to Martyn Fretwell for the photos. See also entry for Whitwick.  The colliery was at Coalville, Leics.

N.C.B Wombwell - see also Wombwell

Thanks to Simon Patterson for this photo, found in North Notts.

Photo by Frank Lawson.

Wombwell Main Co. Ltd., Wombwell near Barnsley was registered in 1865. By 1904 the colliery was operating a brickworks with two kilns. Production expanded with the construction of a third kilns by 1930. When the National Coal Board took over the works it was producing pressed commons and sand-faced facings. Photo and information by David Kitching.

N.C.B. Wylam

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