Limekiln database


This database is currently under active development and will see many additional sites recorded in the near future.

Site Location Description Condition Comments
Fossil Burn NM 69270 45997 Single kiln Good
Kinlochaline NM 6924 4715 Single kiln Good
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Craigdullyeart NS6637015288 Three kilns Poor  
Dunure NS 2537 1586 Two kilns Good Bungalow on top
Dumfries & Galloway
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Barjarg NX 88438 90255 Three Poor
Blackwoodridge NY 24540 76184 Single kiln Fair
Blackwoodridge NY 24407 76255 Three kilns Poor Hidden behind later ground lime processing buildings
Burnhead NY 22270 72785 Two kilns Poor
Caldronlee NY 26656 76564 Two kilns Fair
Closeburn NX 90727 91159 Bank of three kilns Fair
Croalchapel NX 91063 91498 Single kiln Poor
Harelawhill NY 42689 78816 Two kilns Fair Obscured by modern silage clamp
Holehouse NY 38315 78665 Single kiln Poor
Kelhead limeworks, Annan NY 14592 69215 Four kilns Remnant Just the draw arch of one kiln survives
Portpatrick NW 9997 5397 Single kiln Fair
Southerness NX 972 543 Single kiln Poor
Southerness Lighthouse NX 97722 54314 Single kiln Ruinous
East Lothian
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Catcraig NT 714772 Two pot kiln Fair Three and two draw holes
Gosford Estate, Aberlady NT466784 Large estate kiln Fair  
Kidlaw NT509644 Two kilns Poor  
Phantassie NT 602678 Single kiln Fair  
Skateraw NT7384775396 Single large draw kiln Good Four draw holes
Spilmersford NT 455688 Single kiln Fair Three draw holes
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Arniston Lime Works NT3451757642 Single kiln Poor  
Crichton NT3930461590 Two kilns Poor  
Fullarton Quarry NT2775956626 Two kilns Poor/Bad One demolished
Pathhead NT4102062741 Single kiln Good  
Side Lime Works kiln 2 NT2923655299

Single kiln

Perth & Kinross
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Balnaguard NN94635171 Single kiln Poor  
Balnakilly NO073600 Single kiln Good  
Blackhall NO145562 Single kiln Bad Ruinous
Creagan na Leacainn NN708603 Single kiln Fair  
Tomanraid NN867630 Single kiln Poor  
Tomphubil NN77795426 Single kiln


Scottish Borders        
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Bents Quarry NT1837452022 Single kiln Good Scheduled monument
Nottylees NT7890836942 Single kiln Poor  
Site Location Description Condition Comments
Craigend NS76559067 Two kilns Poor  
Site Location Description Condition  
Heilam, Ard Neackie NC446596 Four kilns Good  


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