Powys Limekilns

Penwyllt, Pen-y-foel kilns to west of railway and old brickworks


Powys covers a large area across central Wales and has some extensive limestone quarries and associated kilns in its southern area. Elsewhere the limekiln remains are often found along the canals which reach into the county. These are notable along the Montgomeryshire Canal where imported stone was burned at various points for local agricultural use. Likewise there are some extensive banks of kilns along the Brecon and Abergavenny Canal.

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Belan, 1st bank Belan, 2nd bank
Brithdir Buttington Wharf
Carnau Gwynion Carnau Gwynion kiln 2
Carnau Gwynion kiln 3 Garthmyl
Llangattock kilns 1 Llangattock kilns 2
Maerdy Pant-y-Rhiw, Llangattock
Pencelli Penwyllt - Craig-y-nos
Penwyllt, Pen-y-foel Penwyllt - Twyn-disgwylfa
Penwyllt - Twyn-y-ffald Sennybridge
Talybont Varchoel
Watton, Brecon  

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